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V ideo SEO or vSEO is an in-depth process that can tag and optimize the content of your online videos. If customers are already searching for your business and what you offer, how often are you the first page they go to? If you’re competitors are getting all of the action, our video SEO services can help. By optimizing your online videos search engines will find you, your site and of course, bring more customers to you versus the competition.

Open Door Media’s video SEO services are designed for those who already have an online video. Don’t have one? Not a problem. Our video marketing services can help you produce a high-quality online video that markets your brand.

Why Use Video SEO?

Tick-Icon Recent research has shown that videos are 53 times more likely to get a top ranking on Google than websites
Tick-Icon Video marketing increases how far your business can reachVideo-seo
Tick-Icon Customers watch videos regularly online rather than reading content
Tick-Icon You can target visitors who are actually looking for your business, service or product
Tick-Icon With proper video SEO you can help customers learn about what you have to offer faster and more effectively than text
Tick-Icon Your search ranking and website SEO are instantly increased through video production
Tick-Icon Your brand loyalty and recognition can be boosted almost instantly

What You’ll Get from Open Door Media’s Video SEO Services

Bullet No Obligation Consultation

Our video SEO services include a no obligation consultation. We want to get to know you and your objectives so that we can exceed them. We’ll discuss and formulate a video SEO strategy that can exceed your objectives.

Bullet Optimization

Our team of experts handles all of the video SEO keyword research for you. As part of our service we can look for what customers are likely to search by, tag your video and ensure your ideal customer finds you. In addition, we’ll make sure major search engines like Google and YouTube rank your video high so customers find it.

Bullet Customizable Options

Your video marketing campaign must be unique to be effective. That is why we offer a customized video SEO service that creates high-definition videos and relevant keyword tags that are truly unique to your business and your brand. In addition, our video SEO services include extras like sitemaps, pinging and bookmarking to get your videos seen on the web.

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Open Door Media is an experienced internet marketing consulting firm that knows what drives results and what details a website needs to see them. Our project managers and specialists use their varying skill sets to devise the ultimate website, internet campaign and even video graphics that benefit your business, but also your user’s experience.