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D id you know that there are an estimated one billion or more local searches each month? Without the proper maps SEO you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. At Open Door Media, we recognize the growing trend of online, local searches. Search engines do a good job at featuring local businesses for internet users conducting local search queries. So, exposure to these customers is more important than ever if you want to boost your website visibility and increase customer conversions.

Improve RankingsMaps-Seo

Open Door Media’s maps SEO service can help you improve your rankings. Maps SEO is an important portion of local search engine optimization, and when you use Open Door Media, we work hard to get you high rankings and results for both organic SEO and maps SEO so that your site shows up on both pages. By doing so this will increase your website’s brand identity and credibility to customers in local areas – not to mention how it will impact your website traffic and sales potential.

Google’s process for selecting who is listed in a local search is done through maps SEO. This is different than organic SEO. When you hire Open Door Media, we have the experience and knowledge to help you get listed with Google Maps and even Google Places so that you get the visibility and traffic you need from local searches.

Why Open Door Media?

Google’s algorithm for how it finds and ranks maps SEO is complex. While it may seem similar to organic SEO, the fact of the matter is they are two entirely different processes. The only way to accurately get a website high rankings is through experience and experimentation with maps SEO – something we at Open Door Media certainly have. When you use us for maps SEO, we will:

Tick-IconUse strategic backlinks to help your Google maps SEO rankings.
Tick-IconLink your site with your Google Places page to help your visibility.
Tick-IconEnsure that your content has a good balance of local keywords and business-related keywords to maximize your visibility potential.
Tick-IconCreate content for your maps page so that even if your website doesn’t pop, your local website page on Google will provide customers with all they need to try out your service or site.

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