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A n effective PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaign is the most cost effective and quickest way to lead ready-to-purchase customers to your website. Open Door Media will place your website’s advertisements high up on the results page for not just Google, but all search engines crawling your website. Our PPC advertising is the most effective advertising service out there because we can match your website with searchers who are actually looking for what you sell! They’re primed and ready to hear what you have to pitch, which means you aren’t wasting page views.

With our PPC management you will see dramatic results in a fraction of the time from what it takes or costs to use traditional advertising outlets.

How PPC Works for YouPay-per-click

Tick-Icon Open Door Media will compile a list of keywords that represent what your company does or what you sell.
Tick-Icon We target our PPC advertisements to match these crucial keywords. We’ll upload the advertisements we create, the keywords and bid pricing and hand them to over to the search engines.
Tick-Icon PPC advertisements will show up on search engine results in the sponsored link area if and when an internet user searches by those particular keywords.
Tick-Icon A searcher will click on the PPC advertisement and be directed to the page that is most relevant. From there, your captivating content and engaging website material will offer them what they’re looking for so that they convert from an onlooker to a customer in a matter of minutes!

Open Door Media can transform your website into a high-powered sales machine.

Research has shown that PPC is one of the best ways to track your internet marketing. Since Open Door Media offers internet marketing services, we can help integrate your reporting so that you can see what search engines are featuring you, where your visitors come from and what they do when they find your website. From there we can analyze this PPC data and help optimize your advertising campaign so that it is even more efficient and relevant – thus, boosting your results.

Why Open Door Media?

While PPC is a simple way to advertise, it isn’t simple to execute. To have a successful PPC campaign, you need keyword management, selection and strategic ad placement along with bid management and scheduling. With Open Door Media, we handle all aspects of your PPC campaign so that you can focus on what you do best – your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man show or a large corporation, partnering with Open Door Media means you will have a highly successful PPC campaign with measurable results.

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Enter Open Door Media.

Open Door Media is an experienced internet marketing consulting firm that knows what drives results and what details a website needs to see them. Our project managers and specialists use their varying skill sets to devise the ultimate website, internet campaign and even video graphics that benefit your business, but also your user’s experience.